“maximising value through SMART DESIGN”

Who we are

AQUA architecture is a niche architectural practice, established upon extensive knowledge of development projects, from initiation to completion. We are based in London, UK, delivering projects in the global arena.

What we do

We specialise in residential, commercial, master planning and urban design projects. We also provide hospitality, & sports designs through collaborations. We aim to create a client and people driven environment, adding value through strategic design, planning and best practice building solutions.

What is our process

An essential tool for our design process is placing strong emphasis on the environmental and urban context. With consideration to a full project life cycle, the urban fabric focuses on creating comfortable spaces, secure communities, public realm, and an enhances quality of life.

Aqua Team

The Aqua team has extensive and diverse expertise in their specialist sectors with international knowledge. We have experience in the UK and the Middle East region which is in tune with the cultural requirements, as well as environmental and sustainable strategies to establish design criteria.

Working with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) we promote best practice in design.


Aqua architecture works in collaboration with international firms, to provide world class expertise and specialist teams in the delivery of design consultation services, and architectural management of construction projects.

Our United Kingdom based projects are practical and efficient, enriched in quality and context, within strict planning processes, functionality and economic viability.

Our international experience is in high profile projects, with high-tech solutions, elaborate visions and innovative ideas, creating new and visionary benchmarks.

We find a balance between our clients’ vision and the premise that design should always respect and be adapted to its context.